To sticker or not to sticker

So here is a question I have been asking myself.

Recently I have bought quite a bit of after market parts for my bike and they all seem to come with these great free stickers. Do I want to put them on my bike? I spent a rainy Sunday peeling off the stock warning labels and I really like the look of the nice clean bike. But I also think it would look really cool to have the new manufacturers sticker on there.

Do I want to put them on and become a free moving billboard or just keep it sticker free?

I'd say go with what you feel is not over-doing it.

I have 2 stickers on my bike right now, one on each front side shroud. One for big gun and one that came with my chest protector (stuck this one on but plan on peeling it back off since it's pretty pointless)

I plan on doing alittle decal work to the clarke tank over the winter. I'm also considering placing some black decal sheet over half of the rear side shrouds(or whatever you'd call them). To give it that moto-x type look, I'm sure you've seen it done to a few drz's around here?

But other then what I have I don't plan on sticking all those little stickers I got with my products onto my bike. Just look at all those dumb people riding around in honda civic's with tons of stickers on the side. Imagine how many people laugh and say "hey _______, look at that idiot"

I type to much, my message could basically be done with the first sentance... Buuuut what fun would that be? :)

You can always remove them if you don't like them. Its not really a big deal one way or the other. If you bought an after market product that you are happy with why not give them a little space on your bike?

Years of racing Moto-X has turned me into a sticker guy. My woods riding buddies laugh ("you must be fast, you have numbers") but who cares, once we leave the trailhead, they never get close enough to see my stickers anyway! (Except for the American flag stuck on the rear fender mud guard below the taillight.) Stick 'em on, beat 'em up, and replace them when you want.....

Here's what I do. I start out with a stock-squeaky clean bike. Then, when I bounce off a tree, ore wipe out and scrape a fender, I try to sand or fix the blemish on my plastic as best I can. When that doesn't work, that's where the sticker comes in! Presto, slap a sticker over the boo boo and it looks almost new! :)

ore? I hate it when I can't type.

I only run stickers if they look good. I'm not big on advertising for someone....they didn't pay me, I paid them! My bike had some YCH stickers (the shop i bought the bike from) put on before I bought it. They came off as soon as the bike got home. ONly stickers I will replace when shot, or buy and put on for the fun of it....THUMPERTALK decals as on the front page! I have one set on my shrouds, and one set waiting to replace them when they get choaded up!

I even spent 30 minutes with an X-Acto blade, in the dark, at 40 degrees to remove the dealership name from the back of my new Mustang!!! :)

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