Which pipe and Jets?

I just got my 400E. Any recommendations on a pipe and jetting? Has anyone tried the FMF Titanium yet?

search yoshand big gun.

You will find many many topics on the exhausts.

As for jetting, search jetting

you can also get a jetting kit from www.bajadesigns.com

Also, since you are a new member to this site, and from what you have said, I am going to asume you have done little to your bike so far. Before you go into things like jetting you may want to consider buying a shop manual. Actually I'd say this is the first thing you should buy. It's a very handy book to have, if not just for instructions but for Torq specs also :)

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according to BD if you are at sea level a 48 pilot and 165 main jet with the stock pipe and a 170 main with aftermarket pipes....

I run the FMF 4Q with the high flow header. It's a great combination. Strongly recommend it. You can check the FMF web site for jetting recommendation. They only suggest to change the main and re-position the needle.

Alex, how loud is the FMF 4Q pipe? For me, the Yosh exhaust is too loud and I have been wondering how much quieter the FMF is. Was there much of a noticable increase in power?


I wonder why no one talks about the supper trap. Muffler/sparkarester.

My friend has one on a xr600 and it has a nice powerful sound but is still muffeld.

I like the stock quite one myself.

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