06 YZ450F Just picked up

Ok so i just picked up a 2006 yz450f im so excited. I got a 05 yz250f now and I got the 450 so I can race the 125 and 250 amatuer classes and soon hopefully expert. but I got a few questions how did you guys break in ur new 450s, how should I break it in? Also is there anything I should know about the 06 yz450f? I didnt even start it yet tomorrow im going to drain the 87 gas and put in 93 and drain the coolant and put in engine ice but how should I break it in? I want to break it in correct so I can race it this sunday. Just let me know anything about this bike that will help me in keeping it totally mint.

Thanks so much guys!

Leave the coolant in it for now, it is sufficent. I would definetly change the gas. For a new bike I do 1 heat cycle, in my garage. Then bring it out to the track. One nice 5 minute ride. Let it cool, check the bolts, etc. Then I go out on it pretty hard.


Read your manual. It has "Break In" right after Cleaning and Storage section, Im not 100% sure on the page number now because Im at school, but I know its towards the front. I followed those steps in the manual as far as break-in goes. Then after break-in I changed the oil and oil filter, then rode a little more the next day, and changed the oil once agian, along with one last fresh oil filter (Just to be safe my break-in's complete). The 2nd day I made sure to hit 5th gear with mine, just to get it through all the gears. First day I was on a small track and only hit 4th for a second.

Before you go ride it, tear apart all your linkage, GREASE the bearings, tear apart your steering stem bearings and pack those full of grease, and do both axles, along with both wheel bearings. Me and my Dad ripped mine apart and they was near nothing in there, we packed soo much grease in them, they took A LOT of grease. If you don't know how, theres GREAT articles on Transworld Motocross.com that show you how and also tell you to grease your new bike because theres close to none in it. I printed up 3 of them on the greasing, and one on jetting.

As far as the gas and coolant goes, just top off the tank with Premium fuel and go ride. The dealership only puts a 1/4 gallon or 1/2 gallon in of Regular in the tank, its not going to hurt anything, I rode mine, the gas will burn up quick, then the premium will start kicking in. I left the coolant in, its fine. Why drain a full radiator of coolant? Granted my coolant is puking up a lot I think its because of my jetting. But Im just going to run this coolant out first before I put Engine Ice in. I havent even lost any coolant in radiator; as it seems to still be full.

Other than that I love this bike. The stock Jetting didn't work for me, as it was popping on decel, which is a result from a lean mixture. Now my bike won't even start (fouled plug) so Im going to also change my jetting to the 48 pilot jet, as everyone else did, and as Burned suggested for me. Chances are it will be too lean for you too.

The bikes sick, have fun man!

Oh, one last thing I recommend you picking up, a Skid Plate to protect your engine!

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