What happened to Dr.billz?

Will this be censored too?

ZAP, vanished! I gather that he tee'd someone off.

Zap and now another board has to babysit him.


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Far as I know, You are the "useless" one. Never heard of you before. I'm otta here.

A little search reveals alot. :) Anyway, it looks like Dr Billz has gotten into a pissing match with the moderators. :D From what I have read, it seems that the TTadmins are willing to work with him to resolve what ever the issue is. Hopefully, he will work it out with them.

Originally posted by quikrnu:

Far as I know, You are the "useless" one. Never heard of you before. I'm otta here.

I am out of here also. Too much BS flying around. Too many cry babies.

I'll stick with ExtremeDirtBike.com


HEY KNOCK IT OFF! This site is "straight talk about 4-strokes," (See above?) Not "Straight talk about DrBillZ" or "Straight talk about People talking about 4-strokes." Get over it....

who the hell is dr billz

Got thru researching the posts and replies and this is what I see was the "problem"

1)DRbilz kidded someone about "front shocks". If someone doesn't know bikes any better than that, he deserves a little lighthearted kidding. and if he can't take a little kidding he needs to move on.

2)he said of another site's Moderators "Atleast some pinhead Moderator isn't in here telling you what you can and can't say". I think Moderator Bill thought he was talking about him.

That is about it as far as I see. Anyone have anything else?

DRbilZ mentioned in one post that he tried to contact the Admin and they wouldn't talk it over, over e-mail. they even ignored his e-mails.

Atleast he, DRbilZ didn't spout stuff about drinking and riding like some are doing now. That kind of stuff tarnishes our reputation a LOT worse than a little kidding. I think the Admin owes DRbilZ and the members here a big apology.

Bottom line: I watched the whole sorry affair (it all went down about a month ago) and both sides of the "argument" made valid points, although I think the good Dr's move to extremedirtbike.com is TT's loss. Don't misunderstand me, I like TT's format and a lot of the regular folk are extremely knowlegeable, but DrBillZ was a veritable DRZ encyclopaedia and his insight (and occasionally) cutting wit is sadly missed.

I agree with you two. I talked to Bill the other day, and I am very sad to see him move to another forum. It would be nice if the moderators would appologize to him and invite him to join the forum again. His input and knowledge is very valuable.. Crow doesnt taste that bad....

Well said, SchlepRock. And after all... it is Christmas. (good will and all that)

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