Handlebar questions

I want to change the stock handlebars. I feel like they are too low and too far forward. I am about 6' 205 lbs. I was thinking about going with the CR high bend. Is there any difference between aluminumn and steel bars beside weight? I don't really care about the .5 - 1 lb weight savings. Also, if I do go with aluminum bars, will I be able to use the same bar end fasteners for my hand guards? Thanks in advance.

The cr rentals have a smaller opening then the stock bars. I'd go measure it for you but my new grips cover the ends so I wouldn't be able to see them.

I'm 6'5 and I love the cr renthal high bends. The made a diffrence even without getting a new tripple clamp. ( I don't have one yet)

I'm 5'9" and run CR High's, that have 3/4" cut off each end. Since CR High's are readily available(most shops around here stock CR High bend bars), I have gotten used to them and plan on sticking with them. I may switch to the new Woods High bend. It is basically CR High bars already narrowed. I have a set of CR High Pro Taper bars(gold) that I might sell. They are uncut. I also have a set of CR High Renthals that are cut I might sell. I just bought the Pro Tapers, but I may sell them and get some Woods High bend Pro Tapers. :)

I have a set of bar risers made that i have to try next season that move the stock bars up and forward 35mm.

I am 6'2" and long in the arms so the stock bars may work in my case.

Aluminumn bars are stronger because they are thicker. They hold up better than steel but you can bend steel back if you bend them.

I'm 6' and I put CR high bend bars on. I like them a little wider because the bike is twitchie at speed and I like to go fast.

If you buy new bark busters (hand guards) they come with the large and small bar end adapters

My $.02

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IMHO - don't waste you time with anything but protapers, lifetime warranty, what's better than that??? if you bend them just bring them back to the dealer and you get a new set! on a big heavy bike if it goes down, which it will, you will bend the renthals more than likely. i have had my protaper "doug henry" bars on for a year and a half and no problems. and being a tall rider the protaper adapters will raise the bars even more which sould work out even better. i am not a "bendthal" basher but for the extra $$ i think the protapers are worth it.

I have to agree with PBR, go for the Pro-tapers. They are defenetely worth the extra money!

I just installed a set of PRO Taper Travis Pastrana free style bars on my 01 DRZ400E. They are taller than the cr hi and about an inch narrower also. I might have gone with the risers but was already setup with the BRP triple clamp and Scotts Damper so did not want to change any of those expensive parts.

I removed a set of TAG 2 high bends ( like CR Hi) which have the special fat bar handguard adapters and Aceribis black pro handguards. Cost $200 sell $100.

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