My Scotts paid for itself

While riding with some buddies the other day and having a bit of a race on the way back to our trailers I hit a deep rut hiddin under grass.The front wheel tried to get out of it and sort of started skidding in the rut while the back end wanted to come round.The bike was almost sideways and going down then it suddenly regained its composure and leveled out and to my utter amazemnt I was back on the trail as if nothing had happend.It seemed as if the stabilizer caught the bikes back before it could flip around and dump me.Thats the best investment Ive made in any bike.

Same here. I have A W.E.R. But the same thing applies. I used to hate ruts because my front wheel would try a climb the side and all hell would brake loose. Not with the dampiner. They work as advertised.

They sure do work well,but ruts still make me sit up and take notice.Ray

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