WR 400 won't run w/choke off HELP!!!

Last weekend I broke one of my throttle cables. Since I had the the bike torn down to replace the cable I pulled the carb checked the bowl and jets reasembled all and thought life was good again. I started the bike (first kick as always) and when it was warm pushed in the choke.....it died. After further investigation I found it would hardly run w/the choke off and sounded like a crazed popcorn popper. I assumed something had cloged the pilot circuit and started cleaning everything. Little pieces of wire, cans of carb and contact cleaner and still no improvement. Help Please

Check for vacuum leak at the intake maifold . squirt carb spray or water while idling with choke on see if rpm changes. if not then you will need to really investigate what the problem is may be in the carb. Good Luck let us know what happened.

HA, this ad banner below us has a pic of a bag of popcorn. It must cue on key words. :ride:

it's quite annoying btw. :crazy:

Hey, your Hot start plunger may be stuck open also. Just recheck everything you did.

check your slide plate thats what happened to me put it in right no problems

Thanks for the help thus far. I never removed the slide plate but at this point I'll try anything. Have a remote hot start. I think I may go insane. Thanks again gang will let you know when I find the culprit!

wat year is ur wr400f? if it's a 98' ur throttle slide plate cud be broken or have a hairline crack. 98' r famous for breaking it's throttle slide plate :crazy:

Well............. If the slide plate wasn't removed it's gotta be the pilot jet... Something's has to be in there..... Are you sure you blew it out completely?

Bad gas? :crazy:

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