Custom XR600 Paint Job

niiiiice show us some pics of the bike together soon :crazy:

That looks shocking. Is that some sort of desert cam design ? If you stack out there on your own, they will never spot you from the air.

bike will be togethor soon i'll post pics of the tank and other side panel painted later today, i'll post pics of the bike complete with the camo and black plastics i ordered

Looks very cool. Must have been ALOT of work to get it looking that good.

It's a DIRT BIKE. You're wasting your time, go riding.

well actually im not wasting my time seeing as how i have parts on order that have to come before i go riding

It's a DIRT BIKE. You're wasting your time, go riding.

:ride: Refer to avatar about that coment :ride:

Looks good...get it back together and take some pics :crazy:

Thats what happens when it rains for forty days and forty nights in California.

yeah no shit its been raining forever here, and besides i was at work when i did it so i got paid to paint it.

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