anyone have 06 springs

Hi anyone have 06 wr 250 fork springs or 450 shock spring that they dont need? or maybe want to trade for my 06 yz 450 springs

I've got an '05 450 shock spring with about 1 hour on it. I'm 99.9% sure it's the same as the '06. Interested?...SC

bump is it ti .. im not sure actually if even the 06 wr is ti come to think of it ..

The '06 WR is not Ti. The P/N is the same for '05 and '06, 5UN-22212-50-00. If you want mine, you can have it for $55 shipped. Zanotti's sells it for $116.09 plus shipping, Bike Bandit is at $180! :crazy: If you want it, I can send you pics for verification. Lemme know, and it's yours...SC

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