Mounting Acerbis Hand Guards??

Hey guys! I just joined TT about 2 weeks ago after I bought an '06 WR450F and am impressed with the amount of information that's here!

I put a set of Acerbis Multiplo Enduro handguards on the stock handlebars and I don't really like the way the sit. They are very low... I had to tip them down in order to clear the front brake line. I used the standard mounting kit, but have heard of some other options... mounting to the triple clamp or something.

What's the best way to mount these guards and how should they be positioned on the bars? Any pics would be awesome!

Thanks in advance for your help!


Loosen the banjo bolt on the brake line where it connects to the front brake at the bars. It rest between two pegs. Bring it over the top peg and re tighten.

This will allow you to position your hand guards higher. I'm not positive this will work on an 06 WR . I bought an older WR with Acerbis hand guards and this is how he had adjusted them. I have since bought Enduro engineering and was able to put the cable back in the original position.

Thanks Bamster... I'll look into that option. Maybe I just need a little repositioning of the cables and wires.

Do most of your cables/wires go above the mounts?


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