YZ400F Fuel Tank Probs..

Hey guys went to take off my right hand radiator shroud today and one bolt just spins in the housing. You can feel the little copper/brass square insert spining in the tank housing. Any ideas how to get it out and then fix it, any help would be greatly appreciated


anybody :crazy:

Can't help getting it out, but, heres what I did to fix or repair. You know those plastic type rivots used in automobiles for dashboard and door moldings, They come in different lengeths and thicknesses. I push these into the holes where the bolt used to be, They hold very well, except when freeway speeds reach 75 or better ( bike in bed of truck) I use to carry spares so if and when I lost a bolt anywhere in the plastic, I just pop these thing in and away I go. One good advantage of these things, is when you unfortunately meet an unmoveable object they rip out W/O totalling your plastics. If all you need is to replace one bolt then this would be an ideal fix for you.

this is what i had to do on mine it messed up my shroud when i took it off and also it had aftermarket plastic ( no metal inserts ) basiclly cut the shroud with a utility knife . then get a good needle nose vise grips too grab the flats of the insert , u can cut away at the plastic to get a decent hold on it with the vise grips then try to break it loose if it comes out then get piece of threaded rod and make a stud 4 or 5 threads longer than the the bolt u took out . on one end of the stud cut a slot into with a small file or a dremel and put the stud back in place back in place of the bolt and then use a flanged nut to hold it all together and when u take off the shroud next time u and use a screwdriver to hold the stud to break loose the nut . it worked on my wr for years! good luck

How about trying an impact driver or air impact gun to try to get the bolt out? Spray some WD-40 in there first.

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