Winter = Tire Studs

What is the best tire to put studs or ice screws into? I bought this cool stud gun (some german make) and studs at the end of last winter. Now I want to use it for some serious winter riding. Any help here would be appreciated. Urge.

Studs rip out pretty quick, but you knew that.

I wouldn't know which tire would be the best to stud, however, I know you can get some tires which come with "studs" in them. These tires are much better since the studs do not rip out. However I have no clue as to where to find these.

well, good luck and keep us informed on how it works out :)

I thought Id try the tire stud approach this year. I know they rip out but I put them in my old tire anyways. Next year i will grab a cheap hard terrain tire, and put screws all over it. I currently put about 300 screws in both tires. about 180 in the rear and 120 up front.

I think there are some pics of my tires on there..

urge,what kind of stud gun did you getand how much?I just bought a bruno wessel-rebuilt.the studs will not rip out if you glue them in.loctite black max 380.rode with some people last winter who used this and wore the tire mostly out and about 95% of studs were still intact.I bought all the studs and am ready to go but now have to get tires.anybody have any recomendations?

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