Stock Graphics vs. Aftermarket Graphics

Why is it the stock graphics stick to a plastic tank but the aftermarket ones don't? Are the stock graphics different in some way? I'm getting ready to put a new set on my 2000 kick and want to make sure they stick on this bike.

FYI: I ordered an FX graphics ($39.95)and seat cover($39.95) from Tucker Motorcyle Supply. Here's the URL if you are interested . .

Tucker Motorcycle Supply


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Nice graphics, i know on a new plastic tank it is recommended to use numerous tanks of gas and ride awhile before installing new graphics because the fuel vapors react with the plastic. That is why the little holes in graphics are there to help stop bubbling.

Wolverine1 said on a post he made his own graphics for a Clarke tank and used a hole punch to add the holes.

As regards an existing plastic tank there was a post on here only last week with tips on preparing your tank, i think it was just called "graphics"

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