what next

Well we accomplished the rejet and airbox mod and it definitely has more power but..... my friend rides a 98 kdx 200 with all the mods that can be done to it... and besides being lighter and feels like it has more power....is a slip-on gonna help that much...what to do next...When he gets back on my bike on wanna hear him say holy S#@$!!!

I wouldn't go with just a slip on pipe, go with the whole system. It may cost alittle more, but in the long run you will be much happier.

I would be kicking myself right now if I had got just the slip on.

Yosh or Big gun come to mind.

After the exhaust next would come the cams and valvetrain. The DRZ cam profile is relatively mild and there are a few aftermarket companies that sell different profiles. http://www.yoshimura-rd.com/ comes to mind.

The hit in power you get should bring it closer to the hit you would feel on a 2 stroke. Wheather it kept its great tractability trait with the new cam profile would be a topic of another thread.

Beyond the valves you can get a remapped ignition or a big bore kit.

KDX200 feels faster than your DRZ? There must be something wrong with your DRZ. My friend also has a KDX 200...first and second feel close and maybe in third but forth and fifth are no comparison. My DRZ will walk past with ease in the fast stuff. Now tight stuff is a different story ... the weight advantage the KDX enjoys over our bikes is quite noticable. Very manuevurable once you get used to it.

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