DRZ parts for sale

One Ind. graphics got 2 sets for 00 one set for 01 also have 2 front Fastline brakelines

graphics 45.00 brakelines 65.00 also have the

N-Style Yosh. team kits with seat cover and all other decals for 140.00 have 5 of them also have IMS pegs and shifters

[ December 14, 2001: Message edited by: CrazyCraig ]

Do you happen to have the IMS extended shifter?

IMS pegs? what style (wide, steel, RM, etc).

How much?

hey crazycraig, i may want one of the brake lines.where in fl. are you.may not have to ship it. e-mail, drrick@premier-isp.com

the pegs are the IMS wide pro-series billet steel I dont have the extended shifter would have to order it I am out of stock on the Ims shifters they went fast got more on order and I cant sell in the state of Fl retail I can only sell to dealers in FL sorry I can only can do retail on out of state orders

Thanks Craig

[ December 17, 2001: Message edited by: CrazyCraig ]

I am assuming the Fastline front brakeline is the braided stainless steel type. Does it help the braking power on the front brake (e.g. remove some of the spongy feeling)?

How much for the pegs? Rich you got first dibs if he only has one set.

I can do the pegs for $78.75 I have 3 sets also the brakeline is a Fastline steel braid it does take that spongy feel away makes it alot better then the stock line they cost $70.

CrazyCraig: Email me at jbrassell@qwest.net. I am interested in the IMS pegs.

I thought you where asking $65 for the Fastline brake lines? Plus there would be some shipping cost?

yes 65.00 for the brakeline sorry u going to buy one or what

Yes, but still need to know the shipping change and method of payment or what.

check your pm

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