DRZ 400 Initial Valve Adjustement

How many hours/miles before the valve should be adjusted on a brand new '01 400

In the owners manual for the S under maintenance schedule it says 15,000 mile intervals (24,000 kms) which seems a lot to me.

I imagine for the 400 and 400E the intervals would need to be shortened?

Id just do it anyway for the sake of piece of mind.

i waited on my 400e model to about 500mls. valves were way loose.

attn scotter

are you sure the valves where loose not tight?

every klr, dr i have ever worked on had atleast one tight and one losse

most valve wear will occur during the break in period,when the valve,guides and seats are 'wearing in' to each other.for that reason,i,personally,would check them during the first oil change.when valves wear,they become tight(the clearance between the bucket and cam lobe).when they get tight,it can cause them to hang open slightly,causing a reduction in compression,which will result in poor low speed performance and idle with difficulty starting.if left long enough,they will eventually burn,requiring replacement.it is cheap insurance to check them periodically,as it is easier to check a valve than to replace it.

Does anyone have the page from a manual that they could post or mail, on how to adjust/check the valves. And what the tolerances should be? please email me at tspampinato@sha.state.md.us


Q , how the hell are ya. I know it's apples to oranges but us KTM owners are adjusting our valves anywhere from 200 to 500 mi. I would go with the sooner than later thought. Come visit me on the KTM sight. Hope we can ride together soon. Dan

Ok I guess It's time for me as well to adjust my valves. Does anyone know the valve clearence and how long it takes. I have about 4000 miles on the bike now. When I do a water pump seal I'll do the valves too.

Its on the DRZ title page under specifications. I waited to check my valves until my bike was a full year old (est 80-100 running hours) and the valves were all within spec. Both the right intake and exhaust valve were a little tighter than their left counterparts. All were within spec though. Very easy to do, I think it is listed on a previous thread on how to do it.


i was lazy, so i had the shop do it. they said one was way loose. i did not ask if any were tight. it was loose enough to make noise. the next time i am going to check them my self. for the guys that want to know about adjusting them, you will need shims to do it(if they need to be adjusted). atleast on the E model.

all drz400 have shim under bucket valves

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