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DRZ 400 Initial Valve Adjustement

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Stu: Congrats on obtaining a new Zuke.If you are going to maintain the machine yourself, which I highly recommend, then you should buy a factory manual.

Start a log book and record everything like where you rode and miles and any changes to the bike including suspension settings and jetting, oil and filter and air filter, chain adjustment ect. EVERYTHING! You will be amazed later how this will help to continually improve your setting up the machine and anticipate parts replacement.

The factory recommends checking the valves after 5 hours and every 60 hours on the dirt models.

That means checking not necessarily adjusting. I believe the initial check to be the most important for setting a baseline. Record the measurements on all 4 valves so you can see if anything is changing as the engine breaks in.

Chances are all will be within spec and if so the valves probably will not change much but if they do it will be in the first few hundred miles where you could expect the biggest change.

When you check them be sure the engine is at a reasonable room temperature.

If you take it to a shop make sure you talk to the mechanic BEFORE not after, to get the actual measurements. Don't expect them to keep records. To them it is just in or out of spec and you learn nothing from that.

The valve check is really simple and basic. Adjusting is a bigger job and you will need access to an assorment of shims. After you get the manual and study it and check your own clearances you can decide if you want to tackle the adjustment if and when it becomes necessary.

That is why I highly recommend you get the manual and do the basic checks yourself even if you have paid for an extended warrenty and full service.

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