DRZ400e For-sale

2000 Suzuki DRZ400e- Set up for eastern woods riding and Hare scrambles. Great condition, oil changed every other ride and new filter replaced. List oF goodies includes.

-Yosh full racing pipe

-Renthal twin wall bars, over sized bars

-Moose hand guards

-IMS 3.2 gal tank

-yosh Z graphics

-Front number plate, with fork boots removed

-Yosh gripper seat cover

-Carbon fibor fork guards

-Engine is stock except for Henson clutch basket and KX500 plates

-RM 250 rear caliper and rotor

-Excel Black rear rim, saving for matching front

-It also the mount for a WER steering dampner, but no dampner

-IMS pro series foot pegs.

-Heavy duty skid plate

The suspension is step up for about a 175 pound rider, the front and rear springs have been changed, but no valving done. Located in Knoxville TN. I am asking $4500


Drew Kirby

Drew,do you have the base plate and OR the weld or bolt on frame bracket for the W.E.R. that you want to sell? :)


The bike has the weld on mount welded on, it used to have the dampnet on it, I sold it, so no base plate



Kirby,Do you recomend the weld on over the bolt-rivet on frame bracket? Also ,how did you like the W.E.R.damper and why are you selling your DRZ to buy a differnt bike or what?I love my 2000 DRZ400E! :)

Musicman and BigDR,

I like the weld on mount because you don't have to worry about it getting lose. But the bolt on would be nice because you could move it from bike to bike. I am selling the bike because I am wrist problems that I need to let heal and its hard to do that with a great bike just sitting in the basement. I really like the full Yosh system, I have never ridden on with just the slip on only, so I can't give a good comparison. I must say the yosh system is great and I have not had any complaints about the noise.



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