Pro Circuit T4 Questions????

I have just installed a T4 "slip on" pipe (kept the oem header). I find that the bend on the slip pipe on sticks out a bit too far and the section of pipe passes within about 4mm of the plastic sidecover. I have used the 2 aluminium spacers provided with the pipe one where the muffler mounts the subframe and one where the "slip on" pipe mounts the frame. The plastic side cover actually touches the muffler on one of the muffler's allen bolts and as mentioned before only misses the bend of the pipe by about 3-4mm. I am afraid I will get "meltdown" of the plastic side cover.

Have I screwed up on the mounting??? any suggestions on keeping the sidecover off the pipe? Appreciate any help

Take a little off the spacer that goes to the slip on muffler and subframe . You don't need a lot of room. I have about 1/4 inch between the muffler and side cover with no problem. Muffler never gets real hot. I dual sport and live in Phoenix Az.

Mine is fine on my "L". I have the heat reflective tape inside the plastic cover and like 4whlfun says it never gets that hot.


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