For the love of all that is metal

I would like to think I keep my 2000 E pretty clean. I wash the old fashioned way with soap, water, and brush. No power washing for me. Taking the plastic case saver off almost everytime I wash my bike which makes washing take at least 10 minutes longer. After my last ride I did a quick wash down of the bike before it went into the garage (I got home real late at night), but I planned to do my normal detailed wash a couple days later. I did not really get into a lot of mud, but I guess it was more than I thought. When I pulled the plastic case saver off it was packed like after a mud race I did back in October. Not only was it packed with mud, but the rust that had already started to form was incredible. Not to mention that someone posted about loosing a chain with the plastic cover in place and still busting the case.

My wife asked what I wanted from my birthday back on the 7th and I told her one thing was a Kiwi case saver from Scott Summers Racing. I don't normally pimp products, but this one will save a lot of time, trouble, and maybe a chain/sprocket due to rust and grinding of sand. It fits well and you can keep things clean and oiled without a T wrench. About the best $35 I have spent in a long time. It is sure to pay for itself in parts and labor in no time. I am not sure who at Suzuki thought that plastic cover was a good idea, but I have a feeling it was the same guy that back in the early 80's thought that a rear window on a car that only went down half way was perfect.

Just my thoughts on a dirty subject.

Steven, I could not agree more with you,got mine when SUMMERS first got them and I also like mine very much! Kenny

Question? I went to the Summers site and found the PIC of the case saver. It dosen't look like much in the pic. When I got my 2001 e I was trying to get the ergonomics right and when I smoothed the edge off the inside of my shifter I also took off the guard because I wanted to rotate it 2 notches instead of one. The cover was plastic but underneath was a metal peace that looks like the one summers has. Not as heavy. Is that enough? Was yours different than mine? I will get one if it's really an upgrade.

EZGZ,The stock one will work some,but the Kiwi case saver will give you complete coverage especially at the top (note the difference in the size)I would definitely recomend one.

Thanks guys I will sneak it on my christmas list.

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