changing chains?

My 2000 wr400 needs a new chain and front sproket so i went out and got a front yamaha sproket and bought a D-I-D chain (non o ring) how do i go about changing the chain is it just a matter of taking off the rear wheel and putting it on? do i put it all on all connected or do I connect it after it's on the sprokets? how many links do i need for this bike? and was it a big mystake not buying a chain with o rings?


It was a big mistake to buy non o-ring chains. They will cost 1/2 the price but o-rings will last 4 times longer. You should be able to remove rear tire with opening that masterlink. How many links you need is complitely up to you sproket sizes. You should also change both sprokets at the same go.

Timo Mc

I agree. IMO If the chain it worn out logic would tell you both sprockets should be changed as well. I would have purchased a chain and sprocket set with o-ring chain.

You don't need to remove the wheel, just pop the master link out and the chain will fall right off. Then thread the new chain on making sure to put the master link clip facing the correct direction, and adjust the chain slack. You will need to readjust it after your first ride as it will stretch some.

I used a Tsubaki Omega S on my 3 (lt500r, 265R, banshee) 2-stroke quads that I used to race and swear by them. The EK chain that came stock on my WR is the only other chain I've seen that compairs. I haven't had much luck with non o-ring chains. They are constantly streching and you are constantly greasing them. They are also $30 compared to $80-$90 for a GOOD o-ring.

ok i took a grinder and cut off my old chain, how do I find out what was the chain is suppose to go? im assuming it is directional by the way i returned the other chain and got new o ring chain, im replacing the front sproket but the back one looks to be in good condition still.

Your new chain will work in any direction. Put your new front sprocket and chain on and drive away.

Just check your slack. You dont want it to tight, make sure there is plenty of play in your chain. Let it drag along your chain guides. :crazy:

The old saying goes like this" change your chain and sprockets all together so they last longer". Poof, just an old saying.

oh one other thing, the o ring chain and the regular chain. the o ring is suppose to keep dirt out of the chain. :ride: Thats funny

Take that chain back and get an o ring or x ring chain. Pay the extra cash, its well worth it.

While your there get a rear sprocket. You put that new chain on an old sprocket and it won't last.

Where are you in Ontario?

im in just north of the ganeraska forest you?

ok folks, I took the chain off and now I have come to realize the hard way you are suppose to leave the chain on and then loosen your front sproket then, I didnt do that and i went to take the sproket off and it just kept spinning..........i put the chain back on and it still kept spinning? what am i doing wrong ive tryed everything.........


How about putting a gear on and using a air ratchet

Timo Mc

an air ratched won't do anything, it's keeps turning even when im in gear.

Did you bend the lock tab out of the way first? My CP734 spun the nut right off :crazy:

an air ratched won't do anything, it's keeps turning even when im in gear.

What kind of clutch do you have ? with normal clutch when the gear is on only way to turn front sproket is actually to turn piston too. Oh well you can also put screwdriver, tiretool or something between block and front sproket to prevent it to move. Or easiest way is put your new chains on (even when they are lose) and then remove it ?

Timo Mc

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