Places to ride in KS

I live in So Cal, and we are thinking about moving to the Wichita area. My biggest concern - are there good places to ride? Someone told me there's an area with sand dunes nearby.

I would love to hear from the locals.

BTW, I ride a Yamaha WR-426, and my wife has a quad.

Yes Little Sahara is just southwest of Wichita, nearly in the panhandle of Oklahoma. Its in Waynoka, OK about a 3 hour drive. You can check out their website here;

Check out these sites for places to ride in kansas; (the message board has a thread dedicated to riding areas around kansas) (mx and hare scrambles series)

There's also some really good riding a couple hours south of Wichita in Oklahoma. OKC and Stillwater both have great mx tracks and off-road riding areas, and riding clubs. You can check out the oklahoma hare scramble scene at there's also links to the riding clubs and riding area's there as well.

Check out my website at

We have listed great riding places in both MO and KS.

My favorite riding area is Milford Lake located in Junction City, KS and there is a small riding area just North of K-State University in Manhattan, KS.

MO has several excellant riding areas including Chadwick near Springfield, MO

We also are getting two new riding areas opened in the KC area.

Good luck and let us know when you make it in our direction.

Thanks everyone! Your information is greatly appreciated!

Congrats on getting the "F" out of Cali!!! I got out in 94 and never looked back!!

I moved here 10 years ago because of the weather, and I really enjoyed riding in the desert. Now, I'm gettin tired of how busy its getting, and my wife wants to be closer to her family. I'm OK with all that, as long as there are places to ride! if your interested in trail riding we go to Chadwick MO. or WhiteRock AR. At least once a year we go to Colorado for a week.

ktmrm -- can you throw up some info on the two places coming to kc? heard some info on them last year but nothing recently.

As far as a place to ride dirtbikes or quads there is the JEEPS club

www. In Oklahoma there is the Little Sahara which are sand dunes. If you want to Supermoto you will have to go to Oklahoma.


The two places are, Tiffany Springs riding area, which is the crash buffer zone for the KCI airport. Its 1800 acres, and used to be part of the Matt Quarry Riding area. It was shutdown about 4 years ago when people started trashing the area.


The other area is at 291 and Missouri River, just South of Liberty on the West side of 291.

Both places are being help up from opening because they can't find anyone to provide liability insurance. Hopefully this can be worked out and they get the places open.

thanks R.

Hey, myself and a couple buddies are going riding over at Oakland, sunday 11am. Your more than welcome to come out with us. I'll have the new SXF out there.... you can crash on it for me like i crashed on your EXC last time we rode lol (it may be the first crash ever for it... i haven't laid it down yet... 4 crashless hours! woo whoo! Must be a new record!

Dang, I got a bunch of outdoor work to do on Sunday, but I would love to come out if I could.

OK, here's another question for you guys. What is required to register your bike in KS? In California, we have to register our bikes annually to get a red or green sticker that allow us to ride legally on public land.

What will I need to do once I've moved?

Here is a few things no one has told you about this aera .. you should expect to pay less for bikes..shops do not have what you want in stock...resale of your scooter is less.

the summers are hot as h---....winters cold as you'd ever want..very few perfect days to ride unless you go to a preped mx track... no state red / green required..if your smart you will not even pay sales tax on new bike ..although the [man] is making this tougher to do...less traffic..friendly people...good luck jeff

From my local ks dealer -

the sales tax thing is nearly impossible to get around in ks as most counties have demanded that dealers send them purchase information... i.e. if you don't go in voluntarily, they will mail you a bill.

I don't know how good the dealers are around wichita... but the jap bike dealers in k.c. are pretty crappy with parts availability unless it is a commonly worn out/broken part on a fairly current model Now, i'm not trying to sway you to get a different bike... but the area just north of Wichita has a few really good KTM dealers, and 3 small companies devoted almost solely to ktm aftermarket parts.

Thanks Jeff and Crash!

I'm bringing my bike (WR-426) and my wife's quad (Warrior 350) with us when we move. I wanted to know about riding areas and registration information so I know what I have to do after I move.

Jeff, you mentioned that the weather can be an issue when you want to ride. Any suggestions?

Jeff, you mentioned that the weather can be an issue when you want to ride. Any suggestions?

Just have a set or two of vented riding gear and if you want to ride when it is cold you better have the the cold riding gear as well. But don't get bummed we ride year round here also.

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