Counter shaft oil seal leak - easy repair?

G'day T'Talkers,

Has anyone ever replaced the oil seal on the coutershaft? Whenever I ride through alot of mud, the seal develops a slight leak. My last ride I was loading the bike ready to go home and noticed about half a teaspoon of oil dribbling down into my bashplate.

My question : Is it hard to replace or do I just dig it out of there and install another seal?

Another question (for dual sport riders): I am planning a ride through parts of Tasmania, most of which will be on tight and twisty road grin.gif . Have any of you ridden asphalt (800k's) without serious problems? As the 400 is a Dirtbike, I am concerned about potential gear box problems for sustained 4th/5th gear riding.



I used to have a friend that would tug countershaft seals out with a little hook.

Then he would carve the ridge of rubber off of the od of the new seal and with some yamabond for lube he would drive the new seal in the case with out disassembly.

I have never been able to recreate his success with this technique.

I would also try pulling the inner sleeve that rubs on the seal. I think there is an o-ring behind it that dries up. You can just toss the oring and slide the sleeve on with some silicone. Also try polishing the od of this sleeve. It will get crusty over time and eat the seal.

Good Luck!

Hey Grum, tried to e-mail luck!!


Beechworth, Vic - Oz

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