Homemade skidplate


Just wondered if any body else made one?

I used the same thickness of plate as the existing which is under 3mm it measures 3/32" thk

Maybe i could have used lighter plate but it is strong.

I rode over a fallen tree that was hung up off trail a few feet, wheelied up to it and got the front over then tilted the bike on the wing of the skid plate untill i got the rear wheel on top of tree and powered it over, it never hurt the skid plate.

I will add a plate in front of the water pump to guard it better.

It works good on trail i have heard many rocks and branches come off the front wheel and clang off it.... :)

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[ December 15, 2001: Message edited by: dendrz ]

That is nicely made! I have seen some homemade efforts that look like the armour off of a Challenger Tank! Safe but boy heavy and numb looking. Yours looks well though, congrats!

Good ide but how gan we as drz pilots protect the water pump in-let hose.Like your pig,s - show us the your new plate.

Bedridden_UK on your plate that has got better protection for the water pump, nice shape to it.

Willem, basically that is what i had to add to mine, a piece to come up from the skid and gaurd the pump and hose. Also people are recommending wrapping that hose with another larger dia hose.

Just slit it put it over existing and clamp with hose clips.

BigDR i have no drawings of the skid plate as i just measured and bent plate bolted it on using existing bolt holes and then made the sides and modified plate to suit.

I will be unbolting to clean bike tomorrow and can post another photo, if you want to build one similar i can email some dimensions.

One thing though its not always cheaper to make your own stuff, it depends on the facilities you have at hand. I needed the plate in a hurry so i just got it cut and bent at a local shop that makes fire trucks and by the time i paid for everything it cost about 60$ so not a lot of saving. Its fun tinkering though.

BigDr, will try to post that other photo tomorrow.

Living in Canada you have all winter to make it..haha.

Anybody else make their own plate?

Here is a pic of the plate off bike beside existing bash plate.

On inspection it done its job well lots of hits and scrapes on the underside.

I had used the existing holes to bolt it on and i see it was resting on the frame rails so next season i will add some padding strips there.

Hope this helps anyone who is building one.


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