Just an update from a happy drz owner from California

Hey members...I went today to Octillo, CA which is approximately 1.5 hr drive from my home in sunny San Diego, CA....I just wanted to commend all of us on the board who own the incredible machines known formally as drzKs, drzEs, and the drzSs!!! I bought the kick model in september of this year and have put at least 500 miles on it thus far! I previously had a '94 cr250 which to say the least was a handful. Now I find myself acceling in the sport in ways I used to dream about....High speed wheelieing over 5 whoops at a time, jumping (trail-wise), and the like. The best thing is that this bike is easy on the body!!!Now I ride 100 mi. in the desert and can go to work the next day with a spring in my step knowing I had a great ride the day before...Try that on a cr250....With only simple mods, these bikes can even work very well in the desert. My bike has inspired confidence I previously lacked in my riding ability and now I'm FAST. Before I'd be wrestling with the powerband of the 250...Anyway. Just wanted to let any prospective buyers know that, these are great bikes...and despite being a bit challenged with pudgyness (my fat-bastard kick feels like it weighs 270 w/gas!) they are fun and will inspire you to start riding again, or go for the day if you already have one!!! By the way, the people on this board are awesome and friendly too! Just wanted to give that shout out...Until we meet on the trail, I'll be the yellow streak that keeps making the 2 strokes nervous on the trail when they hear me comin' and look to the sky thinking it's a helicopter!!! Mike.

Oh man riding storys.......

and me with snow outside!

Yep march break is going to include a trip down to the lower states for sure!

and I don't think I'll be able to help going on occasional snow thrashings :)

You're exactly right. This bike is by far the best trail bike ever built. I've ridden 4-strokes all my life(DR 100, DR 250, DR 350) so the 400 feels like a feather to me. It still doesn't fly very well, but A LOT better than any other 4-stroke I've ridden. Previously, my riding buddy rode a 00' CR 500 on the trails with me. He tried to keep up, but couldn't. So he sold the 500 and bought a 00' DR-Z400E. Now he's amazed at how much faster and smoother he can ride with the tractable power of the 400 vs. the flat-out-un-tameable power of the 500.

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Radbikemike and sandrz, Sound like we all ride the same spots and have exchanged emails. December is a super busy month fo me but mid Jan. would be a great time for three DRZ's at GLAMIS!!! I have another trip planned for the beginning of feb. I live in P.B. take care erik

I am in San Diego. Let's ride sometime.

i'm glad to see that people are happy with these machines.now i don't feel as bad spending this kind of money(especially when i have none)on something i'll be riding off-road!this will be my 1st 4-stroke(off-road,at least).i've always loved the rush of a 2-stroke.but lately,the manufacturers have been doing their homework!i can remember a time when a 4-sroke was all bottom-end(no powerband whatsoever after 3K RPM!)and had engine-braking that would nearly toss you over the bars!!boy,how times change!technology is a good thing!

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