Ultimate dual sport tire.. Mission Impossible II

I saw the ultimate dual sport tire tonight on the movie "Mission Impossible II". The bad guy was chasing Tom Cruise and they are both on sport bikes with street tires (Ducati's I think). Then they go in the dirt and the tires transform into knobbies. They even show closeups of the knobbies spinning and skidding in the dirt. If anybody has one of these tires for sale or knows where I can get one let me know.

I have a set on my DRZ.I bought them thru Chapparral but they are discontinued.7k miles on them and no wear at all.

yep they are great, they self-repair flats, never get dull or dirty, grip like glue in the winter! and even come with a set of company stickers

Actually the bikes were Triumphs, one speed triple and the other was a 955i, just thought you should know...

indeed they were.

short wheel base bikes I might add.

I saw that part! I thought those would make some sweet dual sport tires. I realy like the auto inflate feature! :)

They were Triumphs!? How did they keep them running for so long? Must be the magic of Hollywood. :)



LOL!! Had the same thoughts throughout that scene. Pretty decent chase scene if it weren't so blatantly unbelievable. Tom Cruise I think was on a Triumph Speed Triple, and the bad ass guy was riding their TT600 shshshporty fast bike I believe (correct me if I'm wrong).

Those tires are available through Victorinox - Swissarmy (presto-changos -- they also have paddles for water duty ;^)


yea frig, the bike chase was corney almost. too fake

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i think the drz is faster than both of those bike put together. i also think tom cruise might be an alcoholic!

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