Who has Exhaust Mods with pics.

Someone has exhaust mods with pictures and jetting instructions. I saw it last week but cannot find it again now that Im ready to do it. Any help?

Its super easy Gyro gave great info on rejetting and the exaust mod is 20 sec. with a hole saw go for it take care erik

Alright thats it, soon I'm going to write up some new instructions about rejetting how to select the right jets, and all that. (only for the s model b/c thats all I've done) (maybe with the help of somebody else I could post instuctions for the kicker model)

I'll toss it all onto a web page with some pictures, then all people will have to do is post a link to that page.

As for now, check out these pictures to see some close-ups






If one of the images will not load, manually copy and paste the link into another browser window. My server is alittle tight-a$$

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my big gun came with this, but it also came with a bad mount for where it should mount onto the sub frame in the rear, about half way to the silencer.

So yea the heat sheild fits on mine, but the pipe isn't mounted solidly enough (for the time being).

I have no clue if the pipes still come with the attachments for the heat sheild or if it was just a fluke thing that I got one

I also painted the heat sheild black, which looks really good.

[ December 17, 2001: Message edited by: Gyro ]

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