1st wipeout on my 2002 OUCH!!!!

I ate it yesterday for the 1st time on my new bike. Unfortunately I can't remember how or exactly where I fell. I rode the bike home and can't remember that either. I also don't remember trip to or treatment in hospital. I received a badly separated shoulder, bruised ribs, and mild concussion. The helmet saved my life for sure, it is badly scraped with deep gouges. The bike, amazingly, has hardly any damage. Broken mirror (s model) and scratched sideplate. No damage to rad. or shroud, like many others have done. Wear ALL of your gear. I only went out to rip around for awhile and I think chest protector would've helped a lot. I still can't wait to ride again though. What sucks is I don't know where I was when I wiped out. The dirtbike gods helped me home!

Man that sux, the important thing is you got right up and on the bike! Must have been hard to ride with one arm? ouch....

good luck to you and I hope our riding again soon

I'm surprised the hospital didn't keep you overnight. Hope everything turns out ok!

This summer when my bike was brand new, I came on a first name basis with dirt pretty bad also. I was going on a dirt road to get to the next trail with about six other guys. We were coming up over a hill side by side (avoid the old dust factor). Right over the top of the hill there was a washed out section of the road. The water had dug a 2 foot trench in the left side of the road right where I was heading. I had no place to go. It was go into the sagebrush at 50MPH, go into the guy on the right of me, or go into the wash and try to get stopped before anything happened. I went into the wash and started braking. I don't know what happened next, but I was on the ground and my bike was on top of me. They said I did a killer endo. The bike did a full front flip 180 type thing and it was facing the other direction when all was said and done. I pushed the bike off of me and knew right there that something was not right in the shoulder area. The doc said my collor bone had poped of of my shoulder. He said it would heal, but it is still sticking out.

Bike was okay though, Not even a bent handlebar. Thankgoodness my body broke the fall.

crashing blows!!i recently went down on the street when i was living in northern california.bruised ribs,hole in my knee,and an ankle that was 5inches around.its been a while since i have ridden in the dirt(8 years)so i'm sure when i pick up my new "S",i'll be taking a few soil samples myself.

Big thing with the S owners is CHANGE THE TIRES!.The stock garbage pail tires will be glad to help you crash in the dirt.

I've must have dropped my 2001 S atleast a couple dozen times that I could remember. I've broken both levers, the front and rear left turn signals and cracked the radiator hose just above the water pump. In the crash that took out my rear turn signal I had landed on my left shoulder and tumbled a couple of times along the ground. I was a little groggy afterwards, but otherwise fine. I was wearing my chest protector, plus the jacket I was wearing had padding in the shoulders too. I have since removed both rear turn signals and put flush mounted ones on.

To: weekendtoy98DR, I have dunlop 606 rear and 795 front. I think they are the best for my conditions and still dot approved. You are right about the stock tires, though. I was terrified when I 1st bought bike. I had the new tires installed in less than a week! The stocks were great on the road , though, so I guess it's where you ride that counts.

I recently started riding in the Glamis sand dunes, miles and miles of nothing but deep sand. It's so much fun I'm not sure I want to go back to the dirt. Youn can eat it twice as hard and it only hurts half as bad....I wear every piece of protective gear you can buy and who cares what the 15 year olds in T shirts think. I've broken my left arm twice and my right three times. be safe and have fun erik

My 400E threw me down a month ago. It was a tacky traction day and I threw it into a turn on dry, dusty hard pack corner (not realizing)and the front went away so fast my hands were still on the grips, when I slammed my forearm pad and seperated my shoulder. Been out since and can't wait to get back. Soft rear shock and soft front tire may have attributed. :)

Hey JerseyDevil, you probably already know this, but lose the helmet. It is forever damaged and not much use. Good luck

Jerseydevil:the 606 is the one i plan on buying as soon as i pick up my bike(and after i get some cash-this bike is going to bury me).how's that tire hook up in mud or sand pits,or any ther kind of loose terrain?

Jersey Devil, Know just how you feel, I did the same thing. Popped shoulder out and damaged clavicle while also taking the curve out of my neck. Ouch, missed two weeks of work and two weeks of nice riding!! All is well and back on the bike. Glad your OK.

i have started to hit eject a bit sooner recently, and i am amazed how well my S is holding up. last sat i must have ejected 6or7 times without a bit of damage to the bike, and it really saves the old body. at one point my DRZS landed upside down on the bars & seat, wheels still spinning, 15' below me in a small ravine. flipped it over, hit the button, and away i went, no damage. maybe i should stop talkin before i jinx myself though.

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