throttle cable broke again!

This is the third time this has happened. Pushed my bike over two miles yesterday! Does anyone think a Yoshimura throttle wheel would help prevent this?

Where is it breaking? Will the return cable swing over to become the pull cable?


damn I wouldn't have pushed it 2 miles...

I'd just hook up the longest piece of remaing cable to the carb so I could get the heck out of there

My cable broke on my bike early on. It was the return cable and it broke about 2 inches up from the carb. I am not sure what a Yosh wheel would do. Has anybody bought this item?

like i said in a previous thread,i'm not familiar with the details of these bikes yet(will be soon though!),but going on my prior experiences with cables,usually a failure is a result of improper routing,lack of lubrication,or improper adjustment.usually the latter will result in a throttle that sticks wide-open--NOT GOOD!but i doubt thats the cause in this particular case.check the routing of the cables and make sure the cable action is smooth,with no noticable resistance.also,make sure they are properly lubricated,especially after riding in mud or sand.there has to be a reason for a failure.a properly routed/maintained cable should last indefinately.if the cable looks like its bent too far in one spot,route it differently until you can achieve the straightest possible run.after your done experimenting,turn the bars left to right at full lock to lock and make sure you still have proper freeplay. good luck in the future.

Thanks guys for your input. The "return" cable was already broken so I took that off long ago. It was kind of wierd but this time it broke at the throttle. The other times it broke was at the carb--both times the "return" cable. Smittyman is probably right, I probably just didn't have it working properly from the beginning.

I put on the Yosh wheel about 10 months ago (400E). It does have a smoother feel and will slow down the wear on the cable at the carb. However recent inspection showed some fraying on the return cable. I attribute this to not having perfect alignment of the wheel to the carb throttle.

about 1'200 miles on my bike and not a problem with the throttle cable. I have inspected it many times.

DWJC Pull your tank and the black plastic cover from the side of your carb. There is a bracket that holds the cables. It will be out of alignment. You can bend it so it aligns. You will see what has to be done to keep the cable from rubbing on the cable housing.

The 2001 DRZ was worse than the 2000 for some reason. I had a 2001 with only around 200 miles on it and broke the cable down in Baja. I have a 2000 with the same cables that came on the bike. The 2000 has a straight pull and the cable still looks new. I had to bend the bracket on the 2001 to take care of schredding the cable.

Thanks DRZDUC!

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