drz400 vs kx 250


what a joke, i just took my friends kx out for the day.....booooo

im never going to give up on 4strokes so much more fun and just a bit more weight

They probably can't come to grips as to how this "ENDURO' w/ a headlight tears it up so well. I think everyone who buys the 400 is thinking about the 250 two stroke option, when it comes down to parting with the money. Alot of the fun is flying with the 250's. I'm happy w/ mine also.

i can fly on my 400

i can fly on my 400

and i have seen ppl fly freally high on there 400

I blow off 250s so bad that my dust lands before they see it :)

Raced my buddys 2001 CR250 in the dirt. I started in 2nd gear from a dead stop. Roll out a few feet drop the clutch and peg it. Good bye he got whipped two times in a row.

I sold my KX250 to get my DRZ. :) I drag raced a buddy on a KX250. I went from 2nd through 5th in a wheelie WHILE I was running off and leaving him. It humbled him and quieted down some of his "tractor" and "hog" jokes. :D

OK before this thread turns into a "my DRZ stomps a CR500...." I would first like to say that I love my DRZ, and it is no slug but...It will not easily pull a properly tuned 250 modern two stroke. My DRZ is still running the stock pipe so I will grant that those of you running full Ti Yosh systems etc are quicker than my stock sled. When comparing to these 250's do they also have full Ti pipes etc? My butt dyno tells me that my DRZ is faster than my old CR250 up top but that the CR accelerates harder providing it can get traction. I ride with a KTM 520 EX/C, CR250, CR500 and in a flat out drag the DRZ shows well but never wins. In the woods it more than holds it own when traction and power delivery count more than just flat out power.


I'm not about to get into a braggin match. But, with full FMF exhaust, jetted, snorkel removed, 13 tooth, and stripped down as light as I can get the DRZ, I have beaten a 1998 KX250 with FMF exhaust, a 2000 CR250 with fresh topend & Bills exhaust. BUT, I cannot beat my father's bone stock 2001 YZ250. My butt dyno tells me the DRZ is slower than a 2 stroke, but I'm not lying when I say I've beaten them.

Fair enough. The DRZ still surprises me on how quick it is. I think it sneaks up on you due to the buttery smooth engine (very little vibration, the KTM is fast but buzzes and clanks) and low exhaust noise. My DRZ doesn't sound like it is doing much but none of the above mentioned drags were more than a bike length or two apart. I think the DRZ's biggest advantage is the ability to get traction.

You just hit it on the head.The ability to get traction.This is why I start in 2nd gear and killed my buddys CR250.He spun even though he has a brand new rear tire while my DRZ hooked and booked.Once I get a lead he certainly is not catching and passing me.From a roll of lets say 10mph I fully expect a different outcome but still expect to be rubbing bar ends till I get upstairs.Of course I dont tell him I'm starting in 2nd gear.Most 250's dyno in the 45-48hp range while a jetted DRZ with a full exhuast is more in the 43-45hp range.Torque is where difference lies.I ride with a 520EXC as well and my DRZ will stick with him till around 55 from a stop then that monster starts eating up real estate.Then again I may have a "super" DRZ being that some guys here flat out say there is no way in high hell my bike will hang with a 520 it would get killed right out of the gate.Raced him many times this season always with the same outcome.You think he was happy about it?Anyway thats enough of the my DRZ will beat anything stories.

Since we touched the topic, I will ask a question. I started to post a thread about it earlier but didn't. weekend, you mentioned starting off in second gear. I was wondering what gears most of you take off in? I normally use 2nd, or 3rd if it's loose(I have 13/47 gearing). At the night time Poker run at Dirtweek, I was taking off in 4th(from a slight roll). Just wondering. :)

Ohh yea...My DR-Z400 smoked a Yamaha R-1 on the street!!! HAHAH :D:)

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I believe you Weekendtoy about hanging with the 520 in the low gears. My buddy's 520 will maybe get a bike length or two up till about 4th. After that it is all over, I don't want to even think how fast he is going when he grabs sixth. :)

2 thisngs u guys ar forgetting

1 RIDER is alost more imortant then bike

i can beat some of my friends on a

xr200 with bald tires {them being on a kx250}

2 thumpers have power from 2-8000rpm

and 2strokes onlt hve top end

What the hell did he say? :)

Hell if I know. I always thought our education system was better here in Canada. There goes that theory. :)

The new issue of DirtRider has dyno graphs of the top Thumpers and the top 2 smokers.The HP curve on the 4's is a LONG smooth arc and the 2 strokes are very sharp.The 2 strokes fall off as fast as they build.The 4's hold their peak hp numbers over a longer rpm band than the 2 strokes.

the education system is fine

i just cant spell or type

I think you can go to any part of the world and talk about bikes and you are guaranteed to find someone who says

"i am buying a dirtbike to ride trail"

Thats good, what are you buying?

"A CR250 or maybe a KX250"

Not a good trail bike imo

"well i don't need the headlight and i want something with a powerband and a pipe"

Really...well we will have to go trail riding i know some good single track stuff through the trees to stretch your powerband on hehe :)

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