Best way to sell my DRZ? Any info is appreciated

I wanted to know if I was interested in selling my DRZ what is the best way?

Is there a specific site that is popular to sel dirtbikes? I thought about just puttin an ad in my local paper.

Also is it easier for someone to take over payments (yes I financed it) or just set a price. I just want some ideas since I have never sold a bike before.

The bike is basically new it has very little hours but I need to sell it. 2000DRZ 400 Kick

Thanks and if anyone is interested you can certainly mail me (see profile)



I've had really good luck with the For Sale forum on I sold two bikes through that forum in August. I would post a thread there, here on TT, and

I wouldn't touch "taking over payments" with a ten foot pole. I would let someone do their own financing and give you the payoff amount or whatever amount you want for the bike. That way you can pay your note off as you like.

Right now isn't the best time to be selling a bike(or anything for that matter). There's not much going on in my area. I've had my truck and my dad's YZ250 for sale with little to no luck.

Hope this helps.

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You might try posting it on Cycletrader as well ( I am not sure of their fee structure but it would be worth checking out. You could also post to Maximum-Suzuki site forums ( One last place to check out would be posting to the newsgroup. I have heard that people have had decent luck selling through them as well.

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