Rekluse Tech Question

I installed a Rekluse in 04 into my 01 WR426, It has worked fantastic until my last ride. It must have stalled the motor 50 times!

Turning up the idol speed just engaged the clutch and pushed me through the tough stuff.

Like I said Its been installed for almost 2 years without any issues.

The Install gap has been reset once.

I checked the Perch override and the clutch cable and everything is lubed and operating smoothly. I even disconnected the cable and hooked up the engine mounted spring and got the same results.

The clutch has a little drag to it but not excessive and engages well.

The issue seems to be Disengaging, If you watch the clutch actuator arm move as you give the bike some throttle it engages smoothly but returns in steps, and sometimes doesn't return all the way unless I push it back with my thumb about 2mm.

The book manual say it could be warped clutch plates, but I'm also concerned about the ball ramps being worn.

Anyone else experience this?



I do believe i figured it out.

Worn Clutch Basket... Doh!

Im so stupid....

A worn clutch basket can cause a bunch of problems. Check the inner hub too, mine is almost worn out where the first fiber plate touches. Rekluse recommends the OEM inner hub if you have to replace it.

Will do, Thanks much!

I pulled it apart this morning and found that the top plate was worn on the inside where the balls run on it. In fact one of the balls was stuck in the fully engaged possition. Just sitting in a little wear mark.

I'll call Rekluse tommorow and price out some new parts.

On a side note, The stock friction plates and drive plates are still in specs!

I insalled the Rekluse almost Two years ago and have only had to reset the gap once!

I think I actually caused the malfuntion when I last tore it down. To much heat on the Torx screws and I think the top plate warped a bit.

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