which is quieter

which is quieter FMF Q2 s/a or FMF powercore iv Q are the close in performance

i use a fmf factory 4.1 oem header and a friend of mine uses an fmf factory 4 with power bomb header (this header SHOULD make it quieter)

both 06 wr450f's

his is alot louder than mine

i have also heard reports of other TT'ers saying their new powercore 4.1 is quieter than their normal power 4

hope this helps ^^

I'm assuming you mean a PowerCore 4 with the quiet insert. If that is the case, the Q2 is light years quieter. However, the Powercore's gains are more significant. If you're looking for a happy medium, the Ti Powercore with quiet insert is the way to go...SC

thanks clark ,I am up in the sun valley area and looking for a sx 65 if you hear of any please let me know

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