yz400f dual sport questions

Here they are. I picked up a super clean low hours 99 YZ400F dual sported. My first problem is the rear fender is to weak to hold the tail light/license plate and turn signals when riding it hard. I have allready ripped off the turn signals a couple of times which I was going to remove anyways but the license plate keeps getting thrashed when I bottom out. It is actually curling the whole fender under. Is there a stronger rear fender/tail light set-up that someone is using. Maybe a WR set-up? (pictures are apppreciated) My second question is about proper jetting. It has a White Bros exhaust but tends to stall often when rapping it at idle or rolling off the throttle to quickly when on the binders. What jetting combos and setting do you suggest? This is a back-up bike to my heavily modified DRZ-400 but I am loving the power and handling on this thing. May have to make a permanent switch.


congrats on the bike...you'll love it. For your taillight, baja designs, acerbis, ufo, and many others all make taillights that screw directly onto you rear fender. I have the acerbis led taillight on mine and it works great. It is just a tiny little light and I haven't seen any affects of it causing problems. If you are taking the turn sigs off, that may be the way to go.

Also, the acerbis one has a small panel for mounting a license plate, but I don't even do that. Here in Utah motorcycles are not required to have the license plate displayed as long as the rider has it in his posession at the time. So I keep mine in my pack. It's great! :crazy:

As for jetting...it all depends on the altitude you are running. Your jetting could be off if the individual you bought it from was from somewhere else. Do a search (top right of this screen) and I'm sure you'll find the right set-up for you. Hope this helps. Enjoy the ride!

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