4.0 ims tank and graphics?

I don't think so. I have the 4.2 gal tank and I picked up the graphics kit and ended up putting it on my stock tank. None of the curves match. I put small stickers on the shroud part and left the main body plain. Looks good.

No, it wont fit. If you want graphics for the IMS tank, call IMS directly and order from them I have them on my 4.2 yellow tank, and they are sharp.

Here is the link to my photo album..


Enjoy the search. The guys at IMS are great. they wont do you wrong.

Thanks for the info, writeing everything down, so when ever i have enough to buy a part, i will know what i need, i figure 2 things a month till summer should do it, most of what i need is clothing, havn't had any off-road equipment since last time i was on dirt with two wheels, when i sold my 86 cr250 in 89 :)

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