Calling WILD FX...SM lights

Hi there WILD FX, your bike looks really super cool but I have a few questions: Do you ride it on the streets or only on the track? I don't see any mirrors (?) on your bike and I noticed you changed the front light. About that light, is it street-legal here in Canada? What kind of lighting does it provide compared to the standard unit?


Hey thanks !!It realy means alot to hear that!

I ride on the street and I want to put a smaller mirror on it cause all I need it for is to see if Im getting pulled over or if there is an emergancy vehical behinde me or if some one is about to run me over whilst Im stopped :)

No the light is not street legal but hs long as it has a light the cops don't care :D

The whole Sm setup on my bike is still a virgin and I can't report on how well that light works but I got the sucker wired so boath beems come on at the same time and toatly off so I can sneek around places I don't belong. And I want to try my hand at track day or maby even a race...


Barks has bite..... Johnny????? :)

Too bad you're at the other end of the country, I would certainly like to try that bike of yours! Did you mean it barks and bites???

Barks Rootbeer comercial :)

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