NStyle Yoshimura Graphics for DRZ

Well i finally found the graphics kit for the DRZ. Thanks all for the help. And guess what? They are out of them. NStyle will be making them Starting January or might be as late as March of 2002. I went to the Yosh web site and that site sucked. Couldnt find anything and when i did get it to load the prices are to Steap!!!!! To many wants so little money. haha

if you look at the post from crazy craig drz parts for sale he said that he had 5 sets of yosh graphics hope this helps you get what you need you need cycra rad covers for those graphics also todd

Barker they make them for both the stock and Cycra shrouds.I have the Cycra shrouds and the graphics for them are harder to get than for the stockers.

learn something new everyday . i thought that they only made cycra version. thanks for the info. i could nt find any 2 months ago so i went with all black cycra race kit. and also put on accerbis side pannels ,front and rear fenders,all black . now in not sure what to do about graphics

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