Overheating, Exhaust questions

Just went for my first ride on my 2000 drz-e. We started in some tight single track. The pace was extremely slow as we were a group of 8 riders, some of who had not rode much at all this year. We rode for about 10 minutes at this pace then came out to a cartroad where we stopped to re-orient ourselves. I left the bike at idle for another 3 minutes and it overheated. My friend's KLX is able to idle all day. Is this typical of the DRZ? Should I shut down when we are stopping?

Also, I am looking for an exhaust baffle, mine has been removed and did not come with the bike. I would like to run stock with the suggested carb modifications. So if you have your stock exhaust hanging around and want to sell it, I would gladly pay $50-$75 plus shipping.

I really enjoyed the bike, it seems to be just what I was looking for.

thanks for any and all help.

chris d.

Chris,,, You will get all kinds of fixes and solutions for the overheating, but I found the one really foolproof way to eliminate it. I took the rads off my E and replaced them with the ones off my S. Along with the fan and hoses of course. The 02 E's have the S rads but not the fan and the rads alone seem to do the trick. We ride a LOT of really tight stuff and this was the only thing that really did the trick. I sold my E rads on this forum for $300.

Chris d, i have heard others say to shut the E off when stopped for any period of time, its no prob with the convenience of electric start anyway :)

I have the S model and it has a fan for city traffic stuff not that mine gets any of that but i have noticed the fan kick on in tight slow trails as in like you say idling along or waiting behind slower riders that are having diffs on a trail ride but when the trail opens up no problem it cools off quick.

Probably radiators change fix the problem once for ever.

I had similar problem. I reduced it a lot just after changing pipe FMF (header + silencer Q series) and re-jetting with much richer set (see my post to Jetting database post).

Of course if I stuck in a slow muddy trail (at full throttle) after some minutes it start to overheat but since I do the mods. I didn't yet noticed overheating overflow. Before it was quite easy.

My suggestion is to try re-jetting before and if not enough for you go through radiators change!

Note that here, during winter (temp. around 32-50F) the bike, even with stock radiators, gets the reverse problem. Very easy to get too cold! It starts "sputtering" and you have to ride with choke on. This is because E and Kicker models doesn't have temp. valve in their coolant circuits (S model have!). So if you change with S radiators and you ride with cold temp. be sure to have that valve as well (don't know if fits on E).

Rejetting you bike will most likely stop your problems. Turn the bike off when you stop. If its not moving no air is going through the radiator. It will overheat. The S has a fan to help with this problem. I have ridden a lot of slow single track and never had a problem. Turn the bike off that is what the button is for, use it. Rejet to the 165 main and 48 pilot with the airbox lid removed.


Thanks for all the help. I am probably not able to swap radiators at this point, but I can try to solve the exhaust issue. I need the bike to remain as quiet as possible due to where we ride. This is why I was trying to find the stock baffle that came with the bike new. Are there any after market systems that keep the bike as quiet?

Chris d, when you say baffle do you mean the bolt on end cap for stock muffler?

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