K&N Filter

I wanted to get a K&N filter for my 05 wr450, but dont get how it mounts. I want one because all of our quads (sand) use them and I wanted one for my 450. Any clue to how it mounts?

Do yourself and your intake valves a favor and use a good quality foam filter on your WR. Do a search on K&N filters, they are proven to pass dirt and cause problems.

The problem I've seen with the one for a WR is it is a 2 piece, Like this


The top is a separate piece. Now you have two sealing surfaces to contend with.

I have heard of the same issues.

I do run the single piece ones on my quad and have in my cars.

What do you think the trucks in baja use along with some quads and bikes?

What do you think the trucks in baja use along with some quads and bikes?

I could care less what everybody uses in baja. I use products based on what I have found thru research and real world experiences, not on what the quadtards in the desert think is best. :crazy:

Damn Wild Ride.....That was a lot of good info. It will definitely keep me from putting a K&N in my bike....

A long time ago when I first started riding XRs, I tried K&N. I had problems with the sealing surface, saw streaks of crap in the airbox when I removed the filter. I tried several greases and even made my own gasket to replace the crummy stick-on gasket that came with the K&N, no luck, got tired of screwing with it and bought a UNI and have been using them ever since with no problems.

I had put a K&N in my DR 650 Dual Sport

First I had to re-jet LEANER :cheers:

I had constantly dirt / dust inside the intake manyfolds :crazy:

Oil consumption increased, cylinder and piston and rings ruined!! :lol:

K&N = no good! :ride:

After the engine rebuild I use a Twin Air, no more dirt past the filter, lots cheaper and easier to clean. :ride: Forget K&N!!! :cheers:

I asked my LandRover tuner about his opinion on K&Ns: "If you can look trough it, dirt will go through it.." rightly so! :cheers:

I got in contact with K&N, cylinder and piston and filter went to the US (from GER!). Of course I had ruined the filter using "other than K&N filter oil" (such as Twin Air or No Toil), they send me a new filter which of course I never installed.

SAE has got a standard out for the performance of automotive engine air filter (do not have the procedure number at hand). Recommendation is an efficiency of 99,9% under dusty (=OR) conditions. K&Ns never make that! If you want, I can figure out the respctive procedure number. Contact them and ask for their results!!!!


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