DRZ in a sea of BMW's

man I want a friggin beemer soooo bad.

actually I want 2 :crazy:

Yeah, I think a Beemer or maybe that new Ducati will be my 2nd bike. :crazy:

man I want a friggin beemer soooo bad.

actually I want 2 :crazy:

Poser! :ride:
Poser! :crazy:

no posing goin' on here Harry. I like Bikes, pure and simple. and I like riding 'em more. It's time to start rebuilding my collection of street rides.:ride:

Hahahaha!!! Most of the other bikes pictured need big weighted boxes on the back of their bikes to do wheelies! :crazy:

Nice pics!

I like the bags on that blue drz (super simple). Do ya think those are homemade? Wonder where I could find some (but not in orange).

P.s. If money wasn't an object I would think about getting a beamer. But there are down sides. I would be terrified to lay it down on a trail and break something. And I like riding what looks like a dirt bike on the road. I've never priced out aftermarket parts for a beamer but I would think they would be a lot more then the drz.

First off DEATHWINGS! Say it ain't so! Actually I run them on the street as well. They aren't that bad a street tire....... (oil thread anyone)

I just bought a new sweety as seen in my avatar. Nice and discrete for hooliganism. Wont attract any attention.

I came very close to buying a very sweet R1100S the grey and yellowy orange, same as the one in the picture. Nice bikes. Maybe one of these days when I get old, or at least act old, or maybe feel as old as I am, whatever. BMW is actually coming out with the new GS1200 Adventure next year. Oh man lotto center here I come.

In the mean time I gave into the dark side and even though my motard mod is still not finished. (Proving I can drag out a simple mod longer than anyone else on this forum :ride: )

I can get the full joy of unrestrained hooliganism. :crazy:

id spend 2x in assy's for a bmw than my DRZ is worth.... so on that note, i'll beat the crap out of my jap bike and rinse it off when i'm done and still be able to afford to eat. one day i'll get pist off blow alot of cash on a used ADV bike with some toys and take a "walk-about" and clear my mind for a few months.

:crazy: My riding buddy has a beautiful F650 BMW. I asked him how he liked it. His immediate reply: "It's heavy..."

For the difference between what he paid for his, and what I paid for mine, I can (if I want):

Buy farkles for the Suze... and there are *alot* of goodies I can think of having :ride:

Take time off from work to ride...

Etc.... :ride:

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