drz400 POWER(s)

what is stock HP on the




and what is the most HP anyone has seen on a tricked out drz {seen in person on a dyno}

and the lowest HP {seen in person on a dyno}

Denver 5280ft. 33.9hp DRZe, stock pipe, K&N air filter snorkel removed.

Hey Simon

I'm from Victoria...think I rode with you last year on your DR650...both of us 1st time out??? I have an 00 DRZ400S which I installed the FCR carb from the E model, E model exhaust cam, white bros. intake cam, E-model base/head gaskets, FMF full system, Race-tech gold valves front + rear. I can't wait till I get it dynoed up in Duncan...but I'll need a street tire for max HP...I'll let you know. Hey---we should hook up with Trevor and the boys from Action/SG!!!


i do know trev from action, i went to bcit with him

where did u go riding with me and when ?????

email me and we can go for a winter ride


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