Thoughts on a different type of transmission

Did anybody see that review on speed vision maybe half a year back. It involved a sport bike with a snowmobile type transmission.

It was incredible becase the bike was much lighter then normal. I wonder if anything like this might come out for a dirtbike one day?

thats a good design,but(there are always drawbacks)it would be too bulky for a motorcycle.just take a look at a Polaris 4-wheeler or a Kawasaki Prairie and try to picture that setup on your bike.then there is the issue of climbing a hill right after that deep water crossing-i've had the belt slip in this situation on a Scrambler far as reliability goes,this system has been tried and true for years on snowmobiles.the only maintainance would be an occasional belt if they could make the package a little smaller...

Might be ok out in the open but I think it would suck in tight woods. I bet you would be using your brakes more to. I need to abuse my clutch at will. I like to get some air in third and fourth if my bladder is empty. :)

Yea there gonna be out before too long but at about $1200.00 you'd be better off buying a Polaris (P.O.S.} installed!

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