This thing is just plain fun!

All I've been able to do is ride on the street with my '01 S, but it sure is fun to ride. I'm still doing the break in routine, so I have not opened it up all the way, but I'm still impressed with the power.

Did everyone follow the manuals recommendation's for break in?

When I'm crusing at about 35-40mph, in 5th gear, there is either transmission noise or a lugging sound coming from the engine. The manual shows a shift from 4th to 5th at 31 mph. It just seems to be lugging the engine.

I rev mine right up, with the stock gearing I can wait till 75 to shift (reving it all the way up) but I normally shift into 5th gear at about 55mph. Stock gearing and big gun: I can take fifth gear all the way up to about 96-97mph but who knows how accurate the spedo is when reading that.

Regaurding break in! Drive it like you are going ride it. Don't baby it but don't abuse it. Change your oil and filter after the first 100 miles with the engine warm. The manual shows you. You can reuse the O-ring from the oil filter cover. Look at the filter in the sun or good light and you will see why I suggest changing the oil and filter. Let the old oil sit in the drain pan awhile and then look it over. :) Pretty scarey! I would suggest getting 2 oil filters and 4 quarts of suzuki oil so you can do this drill again at about 400 miles. :D From that point on there is much debate as to what for and how much and what kind :D I'm not going there :D

heh yea, oil... oh gawd

but changing the oil on this bike is Very easy.

I just got my 2002 S last week and you're not kidding! What a ride! :D I've only done a minimal amount of slow off-roading due to still having the trail wings on the bike.

On that 500 mile at half throttle breaking in period, it just make me want to cry everytime I look down at my odometer. I'm at 45 miles! :D

I appreciate the advice on the oil and filter changes. Anyone know a good place online to buy oil and filters? I'd really like to find a good price and just stock up!

Thanks! :)

Originally posted by EZGZ:

Regaurding break in! Drive it like you are going ride it. Don't baby it but don't abuse it.

I agree EZGZ, I bought mine with 108 miles on the odo. I had to ride it 100 miles home from upstate NY. I had to take the NY Thruway half of the way and there's no way I'm doing 45 MPH on that road. I come down doing 65 - 75 MPH. I did follow breakin procedure

for the next few hundred miles, but I really don't think that it was nessesary. Quite frankly, I think lugging the motor is worse than going over 45. If you take it over 45, just don't stay at one speed for very long, vary the speed.

I think around 40-45 mph would be a better shift point. The DRZ engine does tend to make wierd noises when it is lugged so I try not to do that.

I'm at a little over 100 miles now, I'll change it soon. My dealer told me 200 miles, but I know it never hurts to change more often. The manual has an oil service classification recommendation that I'm assuming is motorcycle specific. SF or SG.

My friend has a 01 DRZ400E, and he took it to the dunes with only 30 miles on it, wide open the whole time. He then took to the MX track with about 100 miles and raced it around. His engine still pures, just like the day he bought it. I would not necessarily recomend this but 100-200 miles and you should be fine. :)

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