Tell me if I'm crazy

Dear Abby - Some guy wants to trade me his XR400 and $$ for my WR.I love my WR,but have been considering the deal only because I ride lots of gnarly rock & mud trails where the WR seems a little ungainly and prone to stalling.I imagine the XR would be a better rock-crawler,kinda like my old KDX,but I'm afraid that I'll really miss my WR when the trail opens up or I'm pit riding.What do you think? Signed-Confused in Canada.

Simple solution, get both!!! Okay seriously, the XR is probably definately better in some conditions but I would think the WR would be a better all around bike with much greater potential. If you're worried about stalling and slow lugging get a weight on that engine. You could also go out riding in your typical terrain with the guy and his XR and try it out to see if it does suit you better.



"What's that?"

"It's a Yellow 99' YZ400!!"


You're crazy shocked.gif

dougie beat me to it smile.gif

OTOH- I've often thought I would have been better off on the XR4. It seems that I'm making my WR more & more XR like. You can make a WR like a XR but can you go the other way? I really don't think so. So I'll continue to spend $$$ on the WR.


If your worried about missing the WR when the trail opens up, dont even think about doing it. As soon as you hit some wide open spaces, you'll be wondering where the power went!

Over the past 3 years I have owned XR 600, XR 650L, XR 650R, and XR 400 ----- none of them come close to my WR 400. I ride mostley single trackes with 70degree vertical clifs and twisty roads packed with rocks and it is much easier to ride the WR than any of my XRs. DON'T DO IT!!! If you are stalling the motor the problem is something else.

I have never seen a better case for psychotropic Drugs. Yes I found a picture of you in the dictionary....What do you know...right next to the word insane.

The WR can be made to do what you want by contacting and making arangements to have your flywheel outfitted with a 12oz weight....Stalls will virtually disappear....$89.00 . To make them go away all together add a Renthal 53 tooth rear sproket and chain (The stock won't fit) $130.00 . You don't have to do them both to get what you want but the sproket makes alot of things better.

OK so now you know what you need....breath deep....say 100 hail mary's and 300 our fathers and Ol' Blue will forgive you.....

Bonzai grin.gif


1999 WR 400F:

Headlight Removed,Odo Removed,Gray Wire - Cut,Throttle Stop - Trimmed,YZ Timing,GYT-R Pro-Bend Hand Guards /Tripple Clamp Mounts,YZ Front/Rear Fender,YZ Number Plate,Race Tech Suspension(by MXTuner),Dunlop 756 Front and Rear,Renthal Fat Bars W/GYT-R Pad,Renthal 14/53 Gearing,DID Race Chain

Custom Grips,Graphics by CEET,White Brothers E-Series Exhaust,Modified Compression Release,Acerbis Frame Guards

Drop a tooth on the countershaft sprocket. It will lower your top speed but you can crawl up and over anything without stalling.

Have you ridden the XR in deep sand? You can go anywhere--except straight! The WR rules.

Pete, bad idea! Keep the WR. Get a 12 oz. flywheel weight. Don't do anything you will regret later. P

Pete, say it ain't so!

i constantly (well, not constantly, just lately, cuz my wr broke and xr's are ultra-reliable) wonder the same thing... i almost bouhgt a xr400 before (and instead of) my wr400...but it was sold out from under me...and seeing how easy my xr200 is to ride, the 400 seemed like the ideal bike for me... till i rode a 400f...then i was hooked on the yamathumpers...if you do any high speed riding, racing, or jumping, you can't go wrong with the that other guys said, the wr can be taimed, but an xr has more trouble being beefed up to wr standards. wait till you get too old to handle the wr, then go for the world's most rider-friendly trailbike, the xr400r.



98 wr400f->yzf400

(still working on converting it.plan onleaving timing.)

eat, sleep, live, breathe, and love riding.

pin it and grin :)

Thanks Dougie - I knew that some one would step up to the plate sooner or later. grin.gif

Brian - That is a very interesting point you made regarding making the WR more XR like and vice-versa.

Thanks to everyone for the valued input, I think that it mostly confirmed what I pretty well knew already.After reading the other posts I have definitely decided to keep Big Blue and try some different gearing or maybe a flywheel weight.The stalling problem is only an issue for a few of the places that I ride anyways. I won't even bother calling the XR guy back.My girlfriend even told me to keep the WR. I can't argue with that!

Mike - It ain't so. Just to be sure I even went ahead and ordered some stuff for the bike today. One thing that should make you in particular smile, but I'll have to tell you about it after I've tried it.

Thanks again to everyone - this B.B. makes owning a great bike even better! Someday I really gotta get down south and meet some of you guys that have helped me so many times. P.Z.

Well, from an engineering standpoint the WR is way more advanced than the trusty XR400, I must admit that its my personal opinion that the XR is a better trail bike on single track trails. If you spend most of your time in the lower gears you might want to consider the deal (all thinks considering). But the bike really shines when you open it up. Myself? I would never buy one. If your looking for a great trail weapon to get around trees and rocks I'de recommend you find a deal on a DRZ, you can get great deals on them, they are great for that.

Pete, you dont really want to leave us do you??

[This message has been edited by Dan Lorenze (edited October 18, 2001).]

My WR EATS DRZ's every chance it gets!

Bonzai grin.gif


1999 WR 400F:

Headlight Removed,Odo Removed,Gray Wire - Cut,Throttle Stop - Trimmed,YZ Timing,GYT-R Pro-Bend Hand Guards /Tripple Clamp Mounts,YZ Front/Rear Fender,YZ Number Plate,Race Tech Suspension(by MXTuner),Dunlop 756 Front and Rear,Renthal Fat Bars W/GYT-R Pad,Renthal 14/53 Gearing,DID Race Chain,Custom Grips,Graphics by CEET,White Brothers E-Series Exhaust,Modified Compression Release,Acerbis Frame Guards,12 oz Flywheel Weight;Polaris 400 Sport,Polaris 250 Trailblazer

Dan - A Suzuki is not an option for me. Yamaha & Kawasaki are tied for first in preferred brands,with Honda second. Suzuki, KTM,etc. are not even on the radar.

No, I don't really want to leave. I suppose that if I did get the Honda I would be cast out, left to wander the Earth alone with my head hung in shame, kinda like a dishonoured samurai warrior. wink.gif

Now I know that I don't want an XR400. Check out the post "Xenracer-motocrossing an XR400" on the XR 250/400 side.Those guys are way too serious for me! shocked.gif

Yamakaze, I love your spirit!!! I really like my WR too. It's perfect for me.

Pete, I know that Suzuki might have had some funky 2-strokes in the past where reliability could have been an issue but I think times have changed. I wont try to steer you away from the Yamaha's, but have you ridden a DRZ? Great trail bike. Much more than an XR400. (IMO)

Pete Z, you were right on the first time. Get the XR and give me the WR tongue.gif!

I'll gladly be dissapointed with a WR and regretfully ride it with a big grin grin.gif

In all seriousness, IF I could get a green sticker for a new WR here in California, I'd buy the WR over the XR even for my application and have the flywheel work done like the other guy described above. Since I'm just put-puttin around for fun and need a green sticker bike, my only logical choice is the XR or possibly the new KTM. Good luck.


You've seen the light !!!



The Missile

'99 WR400F

Airbox Lid - gone

Throttle Stop - shorty!

Plastics/Tank/Seat - One Industries

Street Legal

Rev up the idle and keep a finger on the clutch when things are becoming really technical.

Good luck...........and keep the bleu one.


'99 WR400 F, YZ exhaust, throttle stop trimmed, WR timing, airbox cover removed

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