Toronto Bike Show

Who's going?

Never been before, what’s the best day to attend? Would be cool to meet up with some of you guys there.


I am, not sure which day.

I'll be there with my uncle.

He'll be there wearing a leg brace, I'm 6'5 and my name is craig. his name is dave. by the way I'm 18 if that helps in finding me.

if ya see me just yell something like 4 strokes rock :)

When is it?

The weather and getting clearance from 'er indoors permitting not sure which is worse both pretty frosty at the min :)

First weekend of january, i will be there, just not sure what day yet..


I'll be there volunteering at the booth for the Ontario Dual Sport Club (ODSC) on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm. Come by and say Hi!

BTW my name is Bruno.

I'm going Friday Jan 4th. I'll be the guy holding on to my mini-me's hand (10 year old Son).

If you plan on buying stuff, wait until the final hours Sunday. I'll make a point of finding the ODSC booth, probably signing up for the membership.

BTW the Supercross is early February.


yep I'll be bringing money with me. Just incase I see something I MUST HAVE :)

Hello All

I'll be there all three days, all the time!

All day Friday I'll be with Suzuki of Brampton

Saturday till 2 I'll be with the Ontario Dual Sport Club (ODSC) after 2 I'll be back with Suzuki

Sunday will be the same as Saturday

Look forward to meeting you guys. I should be easy to find, I have a few pictures of myself on my webpage so you can see what I look like.


That's great!

I'll look out for you guys on Friday 4th.


cool, I'll meet up with you then when I go

not sure which day

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