Eco Nazis exposed

Our riding lands almost shut down due to lies from these slick backed snake in the grass eco-terrorists

Click here for story

Yeah, the story is what most all of us would expect. It's just too bad that it won't receive more widespread coverage in the general media. It would be nice for the general population to see the truth about the evil, destroying the planet, killing all life motorcyclists, and the peaceful, loving, honest, caring, concerned environmentalists. Gee, I guess the stereotype isn't quite correct.

Actually I heard that story in the local media, so the word is getting around. These scum do not have the following they once did and hopefully this type of story will make the news more and more.

Damn straight!

I also heard it on radio and TV today.

A win for all of us!

what happend?


Sometimes I think these fanatic environmentalists have no brains at all. They think they are protecting nature for future generations but in fact what they are doing is preventing this and future generations from seeing nature at all. If there are no roads or vehicles allowed then how will anyone see it? Is their toilet paper spotted owl approved? Is their redwood deck somehow forest-friendly? Isn't their Honda Insight made entirely from materials that were mined?


I know you guys already agree with me, I just needed to vent.

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