plug heat range?

hi. 86xr600r. i'am running a ngk dpr8ea-9. for climate below 41 deg. F. been useing this the whole time. seems fine. just wondering if it would be benificial to go w/ a plug rated for warmer climate.dpr7ea-9. when i go into town i'am hanging at 65 mph + depending on if someone is on my a** or not for 20 mi. or so. would this rateing for a warmer climate make the engine run cooler? thanks. tim. temp. is around 75-80 F. in summer.

I've wondered the same thing. I also run a DPR8EA-9. Seems to be fine in the winter when it's in the 40's to the summer when it's over 100.

The heat range is only for the plug. It doesn't do much for the rest of the engine.

Can someone else comment what a coolder plug would do in the heat of the summer when it's 100? I have noticed that my XR600 is more prone to pinging when it's hot. Would a colder plug help?

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