DRZ400e mods

Just got a new 01' 400e and am interested in an after market pipe. I read the Dirt Bike pipe shootout and the White Bros. R series won, however, I have also heard good things about the FMF powerQ4. Is there really a significant power gain over stock? Should I go with a slip on or the full header? Any opinions on those two? Also , is it absolutely necessary to check the valves after 5 hours? Is is something easily done? how? I am 6'3 and weigh 205lbs and the suspension bottoms out even on minor whoops. Can I simply adjust the clicks on the stock suspension or will I need to go aftermarket? How many clicks should I go to on both rebound and compression (front and rear)? I love the bike so far but this half throttle break in thing is a drag. Only 5 more hours of that then I can really see what this bike can do!

hey tony, welcome aboard.

there is a good power gain with the aftermarket pipe.especially on the bottom end.i think slip-on or full-system is kind of a personal choice unless maybe you want every drop of power.i really dont think there is a big differance for the $$.i have a full big gun system, 2 reasons, 1-i was concerned about the big dip in the header(having it smashed)and the big gun dips about 2" less.2- at the time (early 2000)thats all they had.i dont think smashing the header has been much of a problem for most guys.and the stock header is actually lighter than the big gun header. the suspension for me (6'& 240lb.)was a must do.it kind of depends on how aggressive you ride.i had to have stiffer springs and also had it revalved for the type of woods i ride in.also for me after the stiffer springs the best $$ i have spent was for a fork brace. hope this helps

good luck


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Screw the motor, suspension, suspension, if you are 20 lbs. either side of 170 lbs. you need to respring. You'll go a lot faster and farther with $450.00 worth of suspension work than you will on $450.00 worth of motor work, trust me. :)

yup yup, very true.

once I have the cash I'm going with a pro suspenion of some sort. Nothing but the best, or close to it :)

Ok, thanks guys. Suspension it is. Now then, the question now arises as to exactly what needs to be done to make the bike feel good to a 200lb rider. I live in Florida and ride mostly flat smooth trails with only the occasional rut.I assume from your responses that simply adjusting the clicks will not suffice. Having said that, is there any particular spring I should get? What needs to be done to the forks? Are you sure just clicking the forks won't get it done? The forks don't feel all that soft. My main gripe is with the rear spring.


I agree with the guys above, suspension work on this bike makes a huge difference!

Check out the post "suspension mods" I have a pretty detailed "take" on the DRZ components.

Take Care, John

It's ok to do the suspension in stages. Install springs for your weight( total weight including riding gear.) and set the clickers in the middle and test to see if you need a revalve. Try to test in the same area and remember to keep notes. Adjust one thing at a time. My suspension man did springs and rearranged and played with the shims and stuff.( He does not use gold valves) I asked for details and he said "no" just go ride it. I have yet to move the clickers from his settings the bikes works so good.

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