2001 or 2002 DRZ-400E

I'm buying a new bike, my first dirt bike. I've got a BMW R1150R for the street (traded in my GS) I can get anything, but the DRZ seems to fit...I can save $500 by getting a leftover 2001 or wait for the new one...Any thoughts? Is this bike OK at 8,000-10,000 ft.? 6'-0 160lbs. Mostly technical trail, maybe 2-3 enduros, desert, small MX...street legal..(E) Or should I find a used somethhing else (KTM)

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I would definately go for the 02 "E", as they made some significant changes of which the most important is the cooling system. If you are into any tight, slow riding at all it WILL make a difference. If wide open stuff is all you do , go for the best deal on either year. My opinion. Pete

I think the mid range is ajustable on the rear shock if I am not mistaken. They only visible differense on the cooling is the hose arrangement to the radiators.

You should be fine at 8-10K. Just leave the stock jetting to start with.

How do you like the R1150R. I was thinking about getting one.

You can find a 2001 far cheaper than an '02. For the money you can save its not worth waiting for an '02.

Moredesert, I really like my R1150R. I have the Non-ABS version- cheaper and functions better. Service is expensive, but worth it if you're riding 1000 mile days. I've never had a problem, I ride with VFR's, Ducati's and keep up fine, especially in the tight curves. For a touring, sporty, inexpensive (BMW-wise,) bomb-proof, shaft drive, well finished and good looking bike you can't go wrong.

Go for the better buy. The suspension on the DRZ is mediocre. Adjustments are fine but if you weigh over about 170, its sprung a bit light. I had my re-valved and re-sprung a few weeks ago... what a difference! Everything else on the newer models is mostly cosmetic. You might even check on the one for sale on this discussion board, looks like a killer deal.

Thanks- but the Yosh set up is a bit loud and flashy for me...although there is a bunch of money into the thing.

No...I'm more a stock guy, although I might mess with the suspension- I think I need to ride it for a while....

what mods did you make?

big dr, i have an 02 drz e and the rear shock has a new high speed adjuster.the low speed compression adj is what most bikes have(the little screw on the shock res.the high speed looks like a fourteen millimeter bolt head with the low speed adjuster right in the middle.adjustment wise it seem to make a difference on big stuff.for instance, you know when your doing jumps and you increase the compression dampning because its bottoming out,you jump again but now you notice bottoming seems a little better but now its harsh on little stuff,this is where the high speed adj works you can leave the low speed screw out and turn the high speed in to be good on small stuff and good on big stuff.this is my first bike with this adj.and i thinks its awsome.im suprised suzuki put it on the drz because its a trail bike,but im glad they did.

I saved about $850 when I bought my '01 model back in September. In my case there would be multiple modifications regardless of which year model I purchased, so I think the '01 was the better deal for me.

On the other hand, the KTM 400 EXC is a great bike if you are headed out to race enduro/harescramble. The price difference was too great for me though.

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