Good source for 650R tools and parts

My engine ate the rod bearing and I'm going to need the correct flywheel puller/intaller, tons of gaskets, probably bearings, some cam seal I killed taking it apart.. just all the little stuff.

Where would you go if my crank and rod are toast?

Since you are in utah, would be a good bet, you only pay for standard shipping and its there in two days or less.

other then that, look at the TT store.


They appear to have the gaskets, but that's about it. I'm still in need of tools and probably various bearings...

Shoot the TT Store an email. We'll see waht we can do for you. If we don't carry something we can point you in the direction of where to get it.

Agree on the TT store! I have placed several orders now for Yamaha and Honda OEM parts and pricing is great and orders have always been complete and accurate.

Is a rod kit available for xr650l?? I did not see one listed any where.

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